Monday, May 30, 2016

Last Transfer Day, Staying in Woodland!

Another week here in Woodland has come and gone! The lord has been
blessing us and definitely helping us everyday. I know this is his
work and for him it really is personal. I read a quote the other day
by Lorenzo Snow and it said that no one is more involved in success of
missionaries than the Lord. Which is obviously true but it really
helped me this week to remember who I need to trust and his plan for his
children is so much greater than what we can come up with. Another
quote that has been extremely helpful is, "pray like it all depends on
him and work as if it all depends on you." I'm pretty sure I have
shared that with you all before but it is so true! We didn't have any
appointments on Saturday so we hit the road and went Tracting. We
found this lady named Kim who was at her friends house. She is
Christian and talked to us a little about the restoration. And she
lives in Kalama so we can still teach her! She is super cool and we
are so excited to meet with her.

Another day of Tracting produced another miracle. We were walking down
a street and we were trying to decide where to go and I saw this
little blue house and decided to go and knock on the door. It's crazy
how the spirit works. You have a street full of houses and then you
look at one and then you know that is the one. We knocked and we talked
to a man named Tanner. He loves going to different churches and seeing
what they are all about. We talked to him about the restoration and
our purpose as missionaries. He was excited for us to come back and
share more with him. We are going to go see him this week.

We also went and saw Carolina this week again. She was another that we
found while Tracting about a month ago. She is of another faith but we
were able to share with her the message of the restoration and she
loved it. We really felt the spirit when we were talking to her,
especially when we talked about the first vision. So we stopped by
again this week and followed up on things and she has been reading the
Book of Mormon and we are going to go see her after her daughter
graduates. She is amazing. It will be so awesome when we get to teach
her regularly.

We were also able to meet with Alexis. She is doing really good and so
is Ashleyanne. I just love them all so much! We just continue to teach
the gospel and hopefully she will make her baptism day of June 22nd.
We are going to have home evening with her and a family in our Ward
tonight. It is going to be so much fun :) I love this Ward so much! Oh
and I'm sure you're probably wondering about transfers. So Sister
Slattery and I are staying together in Woodland 2nd! I was so so so
happy to hear that I get to finish my mission here in Woodland :) it
will be my longest area!

We had a lot of fun experiences this week as well. We were signed up
for the housing inspectors to come from the mission on Friday morning.
So there we are.....doing companionship study and there is a ring
at the door....and we look confused as to who it could be and then
panic set in when we realized they were here. We totally forgot. So we
run back into our room and Sis. Slattery takes all the clothes and
throws them into the closet. And I tell her to go answer the door. So
she stalls at the door and I race to finish making my bed and putting
random things away.....but I didn't make it to the bathroom. Now to be
honest it wasn't really messy at all but we didn't deep clean
it....and she was like sisters I like to see it a little more tidy at
inspections. And I was just like I'm so sorry but we totally she let it slide haha.

Oh and gross story of the week: we go to dinner with an older couple
in the Ward and she said she made us a German the noodles
went first and then you put the meat and gravy on...seems somewhat
normal.....but then we looked at the meat! It was a baked dill pickle
wrapped in thin steak meat with mustard and bacon in the inside. We
just looked at each other and had a panic moment and just dived gross. Then we went to McDonald's :) we told the bishop in
our meeting that night and he laughed so hard..... He hasn't given it
up since. So gross. I still have nightmares...

It's been a good growing week and I really just am so excited to stay
here another transfer. Life is good and I love you all!!

Sister Stephens

The best district!

Matching St. Helens shirts....

Just some walrus missionaries....

Heart attacking a members home! 

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