Tuesday, June 28, 2016

No Effort is Ever Wasted!

This week has been pretty good. We have had a lot of tender mercies
that helped us during the week. We had an fhe lesson with Alexis and a
family in the Ward. It was so awesome. We talked about repentance and
the Sabbath day. We read from the "for the strength of youth pamphlet"
and the spirit was so strong. We talked about the savior and Alexis
said she just feels it. I was blown away. I love teaching her! She is
still on date for June 22nd and we are going to talk to her mom about
it on Tuesday so pray it goes well!

As for other investigators this week, we really didn't meet with a lot
of them. Our appointments that we made fell through and we haven't
been able to contact them. A new investigator from last week hid from
us when we went to our appointment with her.....I don't think she is
interested anymore....it was somewhat humorous. And sad.

We did service this week for a less active family in Longview and we
were moving them out. But when we got in the basement there was black
mold everywhere!!! The basement had flooded and we all freaked out and
the elders went to get masks from the hospital across the street and
gloves. So no worries, we were safe. Kind of. But it was a fun
service! However Sister Slattery has a bad back so she really hurt it
when we were there. So that night we went in early and she took some
heavy pain pills and slept. Thankfully she is doing better now! So it
was a fun couple of days haha.

We were able to see a lot of less active members this week which has
been great. And we had a Book of Mormon study class and Ashleyanne
came! It was so good, we just talked about the testimonies of the
witnesses. It was a good reminder to always be a witness of what we
know to be true. 12 people saw the plates and bore witness of it, it
is pretty amazing. I love the Book of Mormon and I know it is true!
Now we just have to get the rest of Woodland and Kalama to believe it
as well :)

We spent a lot of time this week knocking on doors and visiting less
active members in the ward. We keep having faith that no effort is
ever wasted. And the lord has people being prepared for baptism. We
try not to get discouraged and keep working, just have to stay
grateful and have an attitude of thanksgiving and then things just get
better....all in the attitude. I know this work of salvation is so
important and is true.

I hope you all have a great week!

Sister Stephens

 Sis Nilson! She was transfered :( she's the best!

We found tree stars!

This most awesome tree ever!

Sis Slattery had to take drugs for her back and she asked me to draw this on her haha don't worry it was washable ;)

Last pday of the transfer!

Cows. Describes Woodland.

These little houses are everywhere for the kids to wait in out of the rain for the bus.

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