Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Doing So Much Good

This week has to be reported backwards from Sunday sacrament meeting.
We had an amazing talk given by a sister in the Ward, who is now our
Sunday school teacher, all about obedience. She gave an analogy about
how mice press a button that then gives them a treat. And how when
they press it and nothing comes they lie down in defeat. So she
applied that to our life and how we expect so much when we are
obedient. But just because obedience brings blessings doesn't mean it
takes away the trials. That just hit me so hard. We have been pushing
the button over and over and expecting the treat to come. And she
talked about Elijah and how he felt so inadequate and he laid down and
asked God to take him. But he did so much for this world and because
of him we have the sealing power on the earth again. So he didn't know
how much good he did. That is where we are at. Sometimes we work and work and
feel like we are so inadequate and not able to do the work but we are
doing so much good.

So I have been reflecting on the week and how the lord has used us as
His hands this week. We had a great lesson with Alexis this week and
she continues to progress in the gospel. She is set for her baptism on
the 22nd of June. And we prayed and prayed and received permission
for her mother for her to get baptized!!! It's so great!! We had
dinner with her and Ashleyanne at the Eddingtons house this weekend
and it was a huge tender mercy. We talked about the principles of
tithing and fasting and Bro. Eddington just threw it down about praying
to know. And how the missionaries can't tell her or anyone in the
church but she has to know for herself and feel that. And she does.
There was such a strong spirit in that lesson.

We went to tell her the news at the church, and use the wifi, and it
was pretty awesome. That night we went to go and see a former
investigator, Tina. We introduced ourselves and she was way down to
have us back over. It was pretty amazing. She is going to be out of
town for a few weeks so we will see her when she gets back. Should be

We did had a few fun heartaches this week. We were going to teach
Debbie and she brought a church friend....as soon as we started
teaching about the restoration the bible bash started....so we just
bore our testimony and got out of there as soon as possible. We also
had a less active member we met with at the beginning of the week and we
go back to teach her and she left us the restoration pamphlet with a
note telling us she doesn't want us to come back....that was fun.
Definitely character building.

Oh and another fun story was we found fleas in our room!! So gross!!!
So we spent pday night de fleeing our room. Thankfully it was natural
chemicals so we didn't die!!! Man oh man just a fun week.  Another fun
thing was we had zone meeting and I had to give my first of many
departing testimonies.... Tomorrow is zone conference where President
and Sister Taylor give their departing testimonies as well... The time
goes too fast. Tonight we are going to Vancouver for departing dinner
with President Taylor. He is doing one last one with my group and then
he leaves on the 29th! So crazy.

I love this work, the area is struggling but I am growing and for that
I will ever be thankful. The time is far spent so we are going to
continue to work hard.

Have a great week,

Sister Stephens

A note from a less active.....awkward.....

Cleaning the room.....

Yes that is flea supplies....our Monday evening was rough.....

Zone meeting!

We found a frog in the kitchen when we were on exchanges!

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