Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Eternal Principles Are Not Just Idle Words

Well this week has been very interesting, we had a lot of good things
happen this week. The biggest good highlight was Alexis' baptism. It
all went so well. Except that her Juno suit was huge on her and the
man conducting could not pronounce our names to save his life. And the
bishop is just laughing behind him. Way awkward. But she is baptized
and happy :) and her family all came so that was amazing as well. I'm
going to miss that family so much. Thankfully we get to see them for
two more weeks and have dinner with them next week. So it will be

We had an awesome experience this week as well. We went to go contact
a less active and they had unfortunately moved but we met a man named
Jordan! He was interested in us coming back and so we gave him a
restoration pamphlet. We came back on Saturday and two miracles
happened. One, he was home. And two, HE READ THE PAMPHLET!! It was so
awesome. We asked if he had any questions and he said he just wanted
to know more about Joseph smith. So we teach the first lesson and he
asked if we were Christians. We explained that we worship the savior
and Heavenly Father and he was really relieved. He said all growing up
he thought we weren't Christians. And so he said he wanted to learn
more because it seemed like we believed in everything he did just a
little more knowledge. And we are like YES!!! It was so great.

We also met with Tina this week. She first started to say that she
didn't think there was just one true church but she would talk to
anyone about Jesus. So we still taught the restoration and by the end
she really felt the spirit. We read the introduction to the Book of
Mormon with her and asked if she wanted to know if it was true. She
said she did and we are going back in a few days to teach her again.
So we will see what happens.

We also met with a less active family for dinner and as we were
leaving they called us back in and her son had a question. So we sat
and talked to him about the plan of salvation and it was really good.
We invited him to read from the scriptures and he said he would. It
was all just a great week for teaching. Oh and we also met with
Michelle and Rosa. We were supposed to see them again this week but
Rosa was sick. Hopefully next week!

Then the weekend came and it was pretty rough. When we found out about
the passing of Elder Lambert we were on our way to a lesson. To teach
the plan of salvation. So we just cried the entire car ride. It was
really, and still is a really hard thing to deal with. But we are
still going strong. Elder Lambert was one of the best people I knew
and I will always remember him as the pocket sized grandfather that he
was to all of us. As Sister Lambert said, "eternal principles are not
just idle words." And then on Sunday both of us were super sick so we
went to sacrament to see Alexis get confirmed and then went home.
President Taylor emailed us a tribute to Elder Lambert and a farewell
email as he is leaving on Wednesday. So it's been kind of an emotional
few days. But I know the work goes on and now the lord has a valiant
missionary working on the other side of the veil.

Friday is the day that we get to meet President and Sister Mcateer.
They are from Canada and we are meeting them on Canada day so we are
all dressing in red and white. Should be so good :) we are excited to
meet them but very sad to see President go. These next two weeks will
go so fast but I am excited to still serve and then to see everyone. I
hope you have a great week.

Sister Stephens

Alexis' baptism!!

Weekly planning with sister Slattery :)

Going to dq to say goodbye to elder lambert

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