Monday, July 11, 2016

New Mission President and Canada Day!

We had another good week here in woodland. To start off we weren't
able to find any new investigators this week but have no fear the work
is still going. We met with Jordan this week, a new investigator, and
he is pretty cool. He read from the Book of Mormon and is really
curious about it all. So we are going to continue to teach him.
However we want to try and get him to go to the ysa....that would be
pretty fun for him. We taught about the plan of salvation and it was
awesome. I love that lesson so much. We were talking about our purpose
here in life. And he didn't really have an answer for his purpose. So
it was really nice to talk to him about why we are on this
earth.....and the things Heavenly Father has in store for us here and
in the next life. It's just so great.

We also had a cool miracle when we were in Woodland. We go to the care
center and visit people there every week. And as we were leaving one
of the nurses there stopped us in the hall. So we are talking with her
and she said that she was a member and went to the Woodland Ward, but
we had no idea who she was. Come to find out she is a member that I
have been trying to meet for six months. And there she was!! So we
went to see her later in the week. And she still has a testimony and
wants to do what is right for her family. So we are going to start
seeing her weekly to help her. The gospel is just so great. But it
breaks my heart how people fall away. Just this morning we were
talking to a man who was the Ward mission leader and the elders quorum
president and has been inactive for eight years. We have to keep
growing our testimony or it dwindles. And it dwindles before we are
realizing that it is.

Another highlight of the week was Canada day!!! We were able to meet
President and Sister McAteer on Friday :) they just got in from Canada
on Wednesday and it was so great to meet them. They just showed us
pictures of their family and introduced themselves. They both are a
lot of fun and very different from the Taylor's. Not in a good or bad
way, just different. Unfortunately we won't have a lot of interaction
with them. Just the temple trip this week and exit interviews. And you
will get to meet them on Tuesday! And some of my favorite office
missionaries as well.

We went to help a member move into their new house this week and they
had a raccoon in their backyard. Apparently the family that lived
there before them fed it. So it was like their pet raccoon. So we
threw bread out for it and watched it eat it. Somewhat comical. And
Sister Slattery asked me if Walla Walla was a drug....I laughed....oh
boy. So this week was a little slow but still had its ups :)

I hope you all have a great week!!

Sister Stephens


My favorite people. Hermana Eldredge and hermana smith

Goodbye to sis Nilson!

The, "sister Stephens is going home" picture.

The McAteers!!

Filled out our last progress record....

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