Thursday, May 26, 2016

Life is Good!

This week has been one where Heavenly Father has taught me about
dependence on him and the importance of obedience. My favorite
scripture currently is, "God giveth the increase" which is in the
bible. And how much we need to work hard and blessings will come. We
did a lot of Tracting and knocking with no one showing any interest.
And that is always a hard time to recognize that you need to be doing
better. But thankfully Heavenly Father is really good with forgiving
those who are willing to repent. And for that I am so grateful.
But we did see some cool miracles with those that we are already

Michael and Dhana are still on date for baptism on Saturday. They were
interviewed this week and now all we have to do is wait for Saturday
at 11 am to witness their baptism. They are showing so much commitment
and dedication to the gospel. They are truly converted to the lord and
to the gospel. It has been unreal because everything we have taught
them they just know it is true and already see the blessings of the
gospel. And are looking toward toward the temple :) we had a lesson
with them at a members home in the first Ward this week and it was
just so good. I love this area so much. And we had interviews with
president Taylor this week. He said that I would probably be staying
in Woodland until the end of my mission! Which I am so pumped about
and he said that he would do an exit interview with me before he left!
So I will get two exit interviews. It's going to be so great.

We met with Hallei and Kylee this week but they are having a difficult
time progressing....which has been hard to teach them but we are
trying to help them. We ordered them an illustrated Book of Mormon for
them so hopefully that will help them as well. We met with Alexis this
week and she is teetering between wanting to be baptized to not
wanting to be. It's helping me to be patient and not push but to bear
sincere testimony to help her. She is so sweet though and we have just
come to love that entire family. I am glad to stay so I can help them
hopefully get baptized before I leave.

We have a lot of potential in a lot of people but it's getting them to be
committed to meeting with us. We met this really awesome lady and she
is going through recovery and was just not down to talk to us. But
then we started talking to her about the purpose of the Book of Mormon
and she was really interested. So we gave her one and we are hoping to
see her again soon. She is pretty awesome.

Our less actives are doing good as well. And sis Pacheco came to
church this week! That is twice in a row. She is a recent convert and
has been through so much lately but is trying so hard to get back into
church and she is doing pretty awesome. So that was a good miracle.
Jared is doing well but we are still taking some baby steps with him.
The young men have been fellowshipping him really well so that is

I love the work and I love being here in Woodland. This Ward has
become one of my favorites so far....well they all are...... But I
just really love serving here. And we may be getting a different car
because ours gets stuck all the time....and ain't no body got time for
that. Life is good. The mission is good and I love you all! Remember
who you are!


Sister Stephens

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