Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Savior is our Anchor

Well I don't even know where to begin. It has surely been a week. I
guess I will tell you what happened and then what I have learned from
these experiences. The week started a little hectic when I lost my
wallet but thankfully I am a WA resident so it was easy to get a
replacement. And we also had to go to Vancouver on Thursday to get a
new car!! We had a brand new Toyota Corolla but it was just not
getting us where we needed to be. You definitely  should have all
wheel drive while up here in Kalama and Woodland. There are a lot of
back roads. So we went and they gave us a jeep that is so awesome! And
it has four wheel drive so we are able to go more places and not get
stuck. It's such a blessing. But that was a little side track from the
real story.....

On Wednesday we had dinner with less active members of our Ward and
they couldn't have us until 730 which means we didn't eat until eight
and we were starving....and then the dreaded text message came. Dhana
texted us and said that she and Michael were currently under
spiritual attack from the adversary and thought it was best to not get
baptized and to not meet with us or attend church anymore. It was so
devastating. We decided to not respond to the message so after we got
back from Vancouver we went to their house to go and see what was
going on. They told us that they were being attacked spiritually and
felt like they needed to back out of the baptism. We were astounded
and told them about the power of the priesthood and how it helps in
every aspect of our life..and that is when she told us that she didn't
believe in it. Which was opposite of everything we were told by them.
We spent twenty minutes with them and bore our testimony and promised
blessings but to no avail. So we canceled the baptism and prayed for
help. It was probably the hardest rejection so far on my mission.
Preach my gospel teaches us that people can have a spiritual witness
of truth and still reject it and that is a part of agency. I haven't
really experienced that until now. It was hard. Still is. But the work
will go forward.

And then on Friday during weekly planning we ended up dropping or
being dropped by five more investigators. We felt rejected and down
trodden to say the least. But then a thought came that all these
people did not reject me. They rejected someone far greater than me.
Our savior loves them and provided this gospel and plan so we could
return to our father. We have to be wise with the use our our agency.
I know this work is gods work and it is true. He leads the missionary
effort and has blessed us this week as well. We have found four new
investigators to teach. And after we talked to one, Faith, she said
she would absolutely love to hear the gospel message. So that was cool
:) I know the elect are out there and being prepared. Now we have a
lot more time to go and find them.

As I was bearing testimony of the priesthood, and receiving a blessing
this week myself, I just had a strong realization of the value of
what we have. The church of Jesus Christ has been restored. The
priesthood is on the earth. And the Book of Mormon is true. If you
doubt those statements or are wavering please pray. Please ask. I know
Heavenly Father is waiting on our petition to give us truth and
knowledge. You will never regret it. And then when we are here we have
to hold to the rod. The world is getting so wicked and the only anchor
we have is our savior. So anchor in folks. Come close to the spirit
and you will feel the atonement working in your life.

Even though this week has been difficult, Heavenly Father still
blesses us. We met with Alexis and she wants to be baptized! She came
to a baptism this weekend with us and she enjoyed it and she came to
church this week with Ashleyanne. We are waiting to see what her mom
says about her being baptized. So we hope and pray that she can get
baptized soon. We are still meeting with all of our recent converts
and a family who has been less active is starting to come back to
church. Three weeks in a row :) the gospel is so true people!

Transfers are coming to a close and I hope and pray i can finish in
the Woodland Ward. I think it will happen. But we will see. I love you
all so much and hope you have a great week.

Sister Stephens

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