Friday, May 6, 2016

The Gospel is Meant to Strengthen Us

This week has seen a lot of pretty cool miracles. So rewind of the week starting with Sunday :) we had a lesson with Michael and Dhana after church where we taught some of the commandments....the word of wisdom and the law of chastity. They both accepted them and committed to live them. It was a really great meeting. They both commented on how the people in the congregation just look different and have a glow....and they attributed that to following the commandments. The spirit was so strong and they are on track for baptism on the 21st. We also met with them earlier this week at the Wilsons home. They came for dinner with us and we had pizza they make in their huge pizza oven. It was so good. But we taught them the gospel of Jesus Christ and how discipleship and learning are life long processes. They comment all the time on how they want to be happy and have peace and the gospel is it. They also understand how baptism isn't just a check list but a life long and eternal commitment. I just love teaching them and seeing how the lord really has prepared them both to receive the gospel. And they are both going to the temple visitor center on Thursday with the Ward! I just love them! 

We also saw Hallie this week and she is doing good as well. We taught her the plan of salvation! I love that lesson so much. She is doing well but we are trying to get her to come to sacrament meeting....she comes to primary but not the most important part. But small steps. She wants to get baptized but hasn't committed to a date yet. And she may be a child of record baptism. But she is still awesome and so cute! I love the people here so much. 

We had another great lesson with Alexis. It was pretty cool because her mom sat in on the lesson and we taught the restoration. She had a lot of questions and they were all really good. She won't read the Book of Mormon yet but has been praying about it and has been sitting in on the I guess we will see what happens. And Alexis came to church this week. It was also a really great sacrament meeting. The spirit was so strong and we heard a lot about the savior and the power of the atonement. It was just really great. The sacrament is so important to our life. We need daily sustenance and a renewal each Sunday. It has to be a priority in our life because without faith the power to endure crumbles. The gospel is meant to strengthen us not just take things away. And I know the power behind the sacrament is real. We all should be coming into it with a broken heart and a contrite spirit and I promise you will feel the cleansing power of the atonement. 

This week a few of our appointments canceled, like Ginger, but we were able to finally meet with Katie! We taught her the restoration and she was really into it all. The spirit was really strong and she has been prepared to receive the gospel. We are going to be giving her a church tour this week. It should be great. So I'm excited for that lesson. 

I also went on exchanges this week with Sister McMullin. It was a lot of fun. We found some pretty cool people and talked to so many people! I loved it. I love doing missionary work. It was so good to just go out and find. And to be with Sister McMullin was great as well. We had a Ward potluck and that was pretty fun as was just a good week. We taught lessons. Did some service. And talked to people. Just another week in the field :) I love it. 

I hope you have a great week
Sister Stephens

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