Monday, March 7, 2016

Heavenly Father Knows You Personally!

This week has been so great. We have been able to see Ashleyanne a lot this week to finish up her lessons before her baptism on Saturday. The Renslows had us all over for dinner and a lesson and that was pretty awesome. I love them all so much. We talked about missionary work :) and Ashleyanne is already such an awesome missionary! On Wednesday she invited two non members and her less active sister to mutual. So we went to talk to them and fellowship them some. Plus it was cupcake wars and it was awesome! 

We won :) and they were so good. We also found out on Wednesday that there were new sisters for the woodland 1st Ward! It was such a surprise for everyone. So we are now exclusively for 2nd Ward. We are okay with it because most of our teaching pool is in second but we weren't able to say goodbye to anyone in the first Ward. Good thing we go to the same church building :) 

We had a really awesome lesson this week with Quincy. He has been taught off and on by missionaries for a long time. Like the past ten years. But it seems like it has been more of a discussion setting and not teaching doctrine. So we had to change those expectations. But ever since we have, it has been amazing. We taught him the restoration and it was really powerful. He wants to get baptized :) but we got to get him to church first.  We do have another appointment with him this week so we are pretty pumped for that. Pray that it will go well :) We have a zone goal to baptize 13 people this  month so we are praying for that goal every night at 9:55 as a zone. It's been amazing feeling the power of prayer when we all come together in one cause. It's pretty powerful. So we are working on finding those elect to baptize this month! 

So baptism. It was amazing. Ashleyanne invited her whole family and the spirit was so strong. It all went so well and the Ward has been just amazing in fellow-shipping her and making her feel loved. While we were waiting for Ashleyanne to come her sister brought her non member boyfriend and the elders that were in his area happened to be at the church as well. So we introduced them and they were able to teach him a lesson right there in front of the font before the baptism started. Super cool. So now they have a new investigator. 

And then we went to lunch with Elder and Sister Burgoyne after :) image3.JPG

Just such a great week here in Woodland. We have also been able to meet with a lot of less active members this week and it has been fantastic. We are still finding those less actives though, and president wants it to be our main focus so that is what we are doing. We met with one man and his girlfriend and he wants to make his life straight before God and wants to take the missionary lessons to help him become active again so it's a pretty cool deal :) 

Oh and we met with Alanna and Kaitlin this week. They are just so awesome and know so much already about the gospel. We made cups to explain the restoration and they were a little distracted by them but they do want to get baptized :) so we will be working on that as well. And their grandmother who we went to find at that house in the first place, was there and sat in on the lessons. So we are going to be seeing her separately as well. God doesn't do random. So many miracle stories. And I'm sure many more to come. 

We also had our scripture study class this week and it was again so great. The first Ward sisters came to teach as well, and Ashleyanne and her sister came. That was right after the smoked turkey dinner we all had together at the Wilson's after the baptism. Super great. I love studying the scriptures and helping others understand how they can bless their lives. It's amazing. 

I just love this area and the people so so much. I feel so blessed to be serving here. Even though I'm close to home I know God sent me to this mission for a reason and it's been a journey of joy finding out why. Heavenly Father knows you personally. And he Will guide your life. It's amazing to see his plan unfold. Just trust him. And have faith. I love you all so much and hope all is going well. 

Sister Stephens 

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