Monday, February 29, 2016

Heavenly Father is Aware of Us All!

This week has been pretty awesome. I love the Woodland wards! It has been so great knowing that President Taylor is back as our mission president! And he is doing transfers and they are supposed to be calling but as of right now we have no idea what is happening. We know they are wanting to put missionaries in woodland 1st Ward so we are just waiting to see who it will be.....and it will be us!!! Just found out :):) Sister Girot and I will be covering both of the Woodland wards :) so that is super happy. 

So Ashleyanne is getting baptized this Saturday!! We are so excited. And a member of the Ward let us come over today and we made a towel that had her name embroidered. It's awesome. She's so great. She will tell us her favorite scriptures all the time and  has just flourished in the gospel. The Renslows have been amazing fellow-shippers for her and it has been a truly wonderful experience. It was all a miracle finding her and teaching her. We just had a prompting to knock on a referrals neighbors house and that is how we found Ashley. She is so prepared. And so excited for her baptism! 

This week has just been a week of miracles that's for sure. On Thursday the bishop sent us a few names of less active members to go and visit. The first house we went to we were looking for a lady and this active family answered the door and we were kind of confused...but the spirit told both Sister Girot and I to just wait it out. So we sat down and talked to them and we figured out that the less active lady is her mom and lives in the basement. And we also figured out that their daughters who have been active all transfer are not members!!! They are in the process of adopting them!!! And they said that they are teaching them little by little and we were like hey do you want them to take the lessons and they said sure and then the girls were so excited. It was so awesome and then at church they saw us across the chapel and waved and it was just awesome. 

That same night, right before we were supposed to go inside we decided to stop by a referral (Ashleyannes neighbor) that we have tried seeing all transfer and she was home!! We have an appointment with her tonight :) so it was definitely a miracle night. I just loved it. All day we were praying for new people to teach and we found them right at the end of the night. God doesn't do random :) And the other miracle was at church this family walked in and asked if they had missed the  service. But they were just early :) so they stayed for all three hours. We haven't been able to set up a new appointment with them but we are working on it. 

Oh and another miracle is that we went and visited Tammie and her daughter Heather was there! We taught them the plan of salvation. And we are seeing them again tomorrow :) so we have been having our prayers answered in so many different ways. It's amazing and I love being a missionary. 

Heavenly Father is so aware of us all. And that is something that has stood out to me all week. He really does know exactly what we need and is blessing us all the time. So watch out for it. He loves you :) 

Have a great week 
Sister Stephens 

Longview zone!

Goodbye Hermana Hughes!

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