Monday, February 22, 2016

Don't Forget to Pray!

This week has been a little weird. The work is still progressing. And
we were able to meet with people that we haven't been able to meet
with before. We were able to meet with Ashleyanne two times this week.
And it was so awesome both times. She hadn't prayed about the
restoration yet but the second time we went she had had an awesome
experience. She said she prayed about Joseph smith and the Book of
Mormon! And she felt at peace and was so happy. She just wants to
continue to learn and has a strong desire and commitment. And excited
for her baptism. And she has good fellow-shippers. Everything is going
great. But keep her in your prayers so she can continue to progress! 
It has been a week where lessons continued to cancel so we were able
to do a lot of finding and look up a lot of less active members. We
talked to a lot of people about their goals and getting to the temple.
And taking small steps like starting with prayer. It's so important.
It changes who we are because we understand who God is. So don't
forget to pray. We had a lesson with an inactive member and he just
doesn't understand the concept of being a child of God. And doesn't
see a need for was so so sad! Just broke my heart, no matter
what we said or analogy we used or how we testified he just wouldn't
budge. That taught me about enduring to the end and how we have to
wait on Gods time for some of our answers. And let him shape you.
Because he will and you will be so much better. I just pray everyone
will find that divinity in them and pray and connect with heaven. 
We had an awesome God doesn't do random event this week. On Monday i
was pretty sick but I felt like still going out so we did. We went to
a part member family's house and the wife who isn't a member let us
right on in. She went to get her husband and we just talked for
a long time. She confided in us that she has lost a daughter and a
granddaughter. We talked to her about the temple and eternal marriage.
And a lot about eternal families. The spirit was so strong and she
wanted us to come back and teach her. We are so excited to go back and
teach her. She has taken the lessons before but that was a few years
ago. Her name is Tammie so keep her in your prayers :)
We were able to do some service this week and it was pretty cool. Just
helped a member garden :) I love to garden, fun fact. But I learned
that on my mission. We also had to stay inside on Tuesday because I
was waaay sick. So I slept all day and then went out that evening.
Thankfully we have awesome members that we live with and gave me lots
of medicine :) 

 And today we went with Elder and Sister Gardner to Mt. St. Helens!! It
was so much fun! So sorry my letter is short....but we went and hiked
and explored around and took a ton of pictures! So weird that I've
lived in Washington for so long and never gone there! But it was
great. And another highlight is President Taylor comes back soon :) ah
so excited. 

 Love you all and have a great week!!! 
 Sister Stephens

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