Thursday, March 31, 2016

Discipleship is a Journey

This week has been one of miracles and some trials as well. But there is opposition in all things. Especially in the work of salvation. We were able to go to Oregon this week for a zone conference and it was amazing. We talked a lot about how to help people repent and be converted as well as more logistics in missionary work. The best part as usual is hearing our mission president speak to us. During his first training he did a question and answer and we were able to ask some doctrine questions so that was cool. During his talk to all of us he talked a lot about the adversary trying to pull us down. And how discipleship is a journey. I didn't take a lot of notes because I was really captivated by what he was saying so I don't remember all of it....but it was really good. It was more of a pep talk, you are all doing great and have so much potential. He is a really great mission president. We are so so sad to see him leave in July....well I'll be home right after him so it won't be too sad getting a new president.

The other highlight of the week is we moved again!! The family we were living with had a granddaughter move in so we had to leave. But we had no where to go so we moved to Longview which is about a 35-40 minute drive from parts of our area. That has been a really big adjustment. Fortunately we live with the Hermanas (Spanish sisters) and they are so awesome! And it's weird living in an apartment, but it's been good. Hopefully we will find housing in Woodland or Kalama soon. But the work is still going forward and we are so thankful for that. Also women's conference this weekend was amazing! I just loved it. And I loved the story about trying to talk to someone while looking in a mirror. And how hard it is to focus on someone when you are focusing on yourself. And how we need to put a window up and really focus and help others. A great analogy to know how to forget yourself and go to work. 

So we had a great week with our investigators. Unfortunately some of them missed their appointments and that has been rough so we are continuing trying to help them progress. We are seeing Katie this week so we are really excited for that. This week we found some really great investigators. The first one was Patrick. We were out in the boonies and decided to stay out there and were trying to follow the spirit to know what long muddy driveway to go down. We pulled into one and that is where we met Patrick. He is Christian and has had a pretty tough past but is now married with kids and another on the way. We explained what we do as missionaries and he was excited to have us back and share. So we are doing that this week. 

The other awesome story of the week happened this weekend. On Saturday we got a text message from Ashleyanne's sister and she said she wanted to see if she could get a ride to church. She had been coming to mutual for a long time now and hadn't expressed any interest in coming to church or learning from us. So we asked if we could come share an Easter message with them later that night and they said yes. So we go and share a video and then talk about how the gospel blesses our lives. When we asked if she would want to hear the missionary lessons she said yes!!! It was so amazing. We have been praying to be able to teach her for so long and now we are on Wednesday! So great. And they had a bunny at their house so we got to play with it...on Easter! So awesome! 

That same weekend we received a referral for a woman requesting a bible. We set up an appointment with her Sunday night to deliver it. She is a mom of five and we were able to talk to her about why we love the bible. And how learning and reading about Christ helps our lives and our families lives. We told her what we do as missionaries and asked if she would be interested in hearing our message and they all said they would!!! So many miracles on Easter! 

Speaking of Easter, it was such a great day!! I got an awesome package from home :) thanks mom! And we had such a great testimony meeting. It was all just wonderful. And we had like three dinners with amazing Ward members. I feel so blessed to be serving in the Woodland Ward. Heavenly Father really knows who we are and what we need to grow and progress. I have really learned that this week. As we review our past and look for the Lord he is always guiding our path. And that helps us to trust him even more in our decisions and daily life. And I am so grateful for that. 

Trust in God and believe in good things to come! 

Sister Stephens 

Easter with the snow family

2nd Easter with the Dobosz family

Zone conference this week with the Lamberts!

Zone conference this week with the Lamberts!

Our new roomies were laughing at me.....

Since we live in Longview now we take our lunch in our car.....

We helped this lady unpack her mice. So many mice......over a thousand.....

Members brought us back souvenirs from Disney land!

Johnnas bunny!!

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