Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sunshine This Week!

So this week was definitely an interesting one but still super
awesome. Woodland is just the best area ever. We spent Monday night at
home evening with Ashleyanne! The bishop hosted it and we talked about
the priesthood and how it blesses our life. It sure was a lot of fun.
And she brought her journal that a member gave her at her baptism and
we signed it :) she's just the best ever. 

Then Monday night the real
fun began....I got so so sick Monday was the worst. And
then on Tuesday I got a blessing from the Elders and was told to rest
and take council from my leaders. So we called the mission nurse and
she said that we had to stay in for two days!!! It was so hard! I just
slept and watched a ton of Mormon messages....and sat in my bed. But
that was after all of our lessons canceled on their own, so it was a
blessing. So that was fun...kind of. 

But we still saw a lot of
miracles this week.

We taught Quincy about the restoration again, but this time we watched
the video. He loved it and we gave it to him so he could show his
daughter. He hasn't come to church yet but basketball tournaments are
ending so hopefully that will mean he will be able to come. And after
the lesson he said that he really looks forward to us coming again.
He's awesome. And super open. That was on Wednesday so then we went
back home and I went to bed...again. 

 We met with Alanna and Kaitlin this week as well. They were supposed
to get baptized this weekend but we have to postpone it. Because their
dad is going on a business trip and they want him to be in on the
lessons to help out. So it will probably be in a few weeks. We found
them because they come to church with their adoptive parents. They are
just so great. But we won't be able to see them this week, but we will
see them on Sunday. 
We also saw Katie this week! She is a new
investigator and is so great. We tracted into her last week and came
back on Sunday to see if she was home. We walked up right when they
were pulling into the driveway. We showed her the Easter video and she
loved it and we are going back to see her in two weeks because of her
crazy work schedule. So we will see how that goes. 

And probably the coolest story from this week. So last year when I
served in La Center we had dinner with the Eldredge family and he
served his mission in Ukraine. He asked for a Russian Book of Mormon
that he could give to a client, so we gave him one from our car. Then
they moved and I got transferred. So first week in Woodland I see them
at church! And I asked about the Book of Mormon and he said that he
tried to give it to him but he gave it back to him...which was sad.
Then this last week we were out Tracting in the boonies and ran into
this man named Alex. He barely spoke broken English but we said we
could bring someone back that spoke Ukrainian! So we went back on
Saturday with Bro Eldredge and we taught in English and he translated
to Ukrainian. It was so sweet. We are hopefully going to go back this
week. And he said he would read the Russian Book of Mormon!! That I
gave to bro Eldredge last year! It was such an awesome God doesn't do
random moment. 

We met a lot of really cool people this week. And did a lot of
Tracting. But thankfully the sun was shining :) I love the people here
and serving. It has all been just the greatest experience. And a lot
of fun. Today we went to Beaver Falls in Oregon and it was pretty
cool. But now I am soaked haha. We also went down to the Columbia
River and it was kind of weird being there.....but still pretty

I hope you all have a wonderful week and remember who you are :)

Sister Stephens

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