Thursday, March 24, 2016

An Awesome Week!

This week has been awesome and full of miracles. We had a lot of
highlights of the week that have been so great. So here we go :)
Ashleyanne is still doing awesome! She is being the greatest
missionary ever. She is inviting people to mutual activities and some
have asked to come to church with her as well. She just loves the
gospel and isn't afraid to share it. We are having a family home
evening with her at the bishops house tonight and hopefully she will
bring her sisters so we can have an opportunity to invite them. So
that should be pretty fun. 

 We weren't able to meet with some of our investigators this week but
we always had something to do so that is always great. However, we had
an awesome experience with Alanna and Kaitlin. We taught them the plan
of salvation and they basically taught it to us. We asked Alanna if
she prayed about the Book of Mormon and she said that Heavenly Father
told her it was true. And after the lesson we talked to their parents
about inviting them to be baptized. They were totally down with it so
we asked the girls and they said they really wanted to get baptized. So
they are going to be baptized next Saturday :) it's going to be so
great. I have just loved teaching them.

We also had zone meeting his week and it was amazing. We read the talk
a consecrated missionary by Elder Callister. It was so so good. We
focused on how we can change and what we need to change in order to
put everything on the altar of sacrifice to the Lord. So we really
focused on that. The spirit was really strong and it got us pumped to
go out and work. During zone lunch sister Girot and I asked for
blessings for the start of the new transfer. It was amazing. Heavenly
Father told me that there were people waiting for us in our area and
that they would recognize us when we see them. And then after the
blessing the elder who gave it said that he was impressed to tell me
that there are two very specific people in the area that we need to
find!!! So it's been a little crazy trying to find them. 

After the meeting we went straight to work and found some great
people. The first was Kayla. She was babysitting at a different house
but still lives in our area so we were able to set up an appointment
with her the next day. We went in the morning to see her and she is
super active in her church. But she said she let us come back over
because we didn't push any bible verses on her. We taught her the
restoration and she said she would start reading the Book of Mormon.
And we have a return appointment this week. The second person we
talked to is Michelle. She said that she is wanting to get back into
religion and has a ton of questions to ask. We told her our job as
missionaries is to answer questions and invite people to learn of
Christ. We gave her a Book of Mormon and she gave us her phone number.
She has a crazy schedule but we will get in. We also met a lady named
Katie. She was really interested but also has a crazy schedule so we
will keep praying for opportunities to teach. 

I went on exchanges this week to Rainier with Sister Black! We had a
lot of fun and did service and taught a few lessons. I haven't left my
area for a while so it was fun to go meet other people :) and on
Sunday we went to have lunch with the Arroyos. They are technically in
the first Ward but live in our Ward. But we got permission to have
lunch with them. We had these awesome tacos and they gave me takis to
take home! Score! I just love them so much. 

So it has been a great week! Oh and we moved like twice this week. Our
first place their family was coming in for the summer and the second
place had cats and Sister Girot is allergic and now the place we live
is out in the sticks but super nice. Our room used to be the play room
and is painted with clouds and ocean scenes from the little mermaid
and finding nemo. It's great. Well I hope you have a great week! 

you all! 
Sister Stephens


Our new room!

Exchanges with sister black

The best sign ever :)

It was sunny after dinner!! We love daylight savings!

The Burgoynes took us out to lunch

The Renslow's and Ashleyanne's sister

The Eddingtons gave us goodbye gifts before we moved

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