Monday, March 2, 2015

Crazy Week!

This week has been crazy! We were on Vancouver for most of the week.
On Monday evening we went to the mission home and all of us new
missionaries were able to meet president and sister Taylor and stayed
the night at their home. It was so fun. I got to spend time with my
MTC district which was definitely a blessing. Then on Tuesday we had a
trainer trainee meeting where they established expectations for us and
really got is excited for all of the work that is here in the
Washington Vancouver mission. Pres. Taylor always says that God
doesn't do random and I really believe that. Heavenly Father is so
aware of is here in la center and is hastening the work according to
our diligence and faith. Then on Wednesday we had an all day training
for the iPads. The church is using our mission, and 28 missions, as a
pilots to learn how mobile devices will help increase the work. This
week we are focusing on safely using our devices and then on how to
best use our area books and then we will be retrained on Facebook and
reintroduced to it. It's awesome because everything we are learning is
helping us as missionaries and helping us prepare for our future
families and children to protect them against the evil on the
Internet. Then on Thursday we got to go to the temple with our
district and sister wade took us. She is such a sweet heart and takes
good care of us. The rest of the week went by great. We did a lot of
service and have a new investigator, Juan. We went to meet with his
grandson Luis and he sat in on the lesson and has a lot of questions.
He invited us to come back next week and we are very excited. Except
he only speaks Spanish and very little my companion does
the talking and I just sit there and nod. I'm practicing the plan of
salvation on Spanish so hopefully that's not a train wreck.

Nicole is doing great. We taught her about Christ and his miracles and
invited her to pray and think of something she could do that would
follow christs example. We haven't seen her at church for two weeks so
that's discouraging but we will continue to work with her. She is
excited to be baptized but we need to help her see the importance of
church as well as help her mother see that as well. The Glenn's are
doing so awesome. Sean and heather, two of their kids, went to do
baptisms for the dead on Saturday and they just loved it. Sean is
progressing so much and wants to serve a mission and be sealed to his
family. Bro. Glenn just got a job so that is a huge blessing. Sister
Glenn still is hesitant to us teaching her but we talk with her about
Christ and show bible videos and that seems to really invite the
spirit. They invited us over on Thursday to spend some time with them
so that is really exciting. We also met with jace and Michael. Jace
was baptized and his dad Michael is inactive. We talked about
baptismal covenants and why church is important. They said they would
come so we are praying for them to come.

Everything else is going great. We don't live on a working farm but
there are cows and Tom the cat! I love it here. La center has some
challenges but the lord is providing for us. I read this quote in the
ensign and I love it. "Heavenly Father is constantly raining down
blessings upon us, it is our fear, doubt, and sin that, like an
umbrella, block these blessings fro, reaching us. His commandments are
the loving instructions and the divine help for us to close the
umbrella so we can revive the shower of heavenly blessings" - pres.
Uchtodrf. I just love that. I'm so glad to hear that everyone is doing
well and that the lord is aware of all of you. Always remember where
the blessings come from. Its amazing how much we are loved. I pray for
you all and love you so so so much!!

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  1. I don't know the protocol for communicating with you, so I'm giving this reply on your blog a try! I love heading about the work. Keep on keeping your head up even when people don't follow through on commitments (since you mentioned not appreciating the value of church attendance:). I love seeing the temple pics and had no idea you were learning some Spanish. Neat! Keep up the awesome service!!