Tuesday, February 24, 2015

La Center

This week has been extremely crazy. The last little while if the Mtc
was awesome but we were really sad to say goodbye to our district. So
we had the longest day on tuesday and finally we made it to portland
but our mission president was in slc at a training so we are meeting
with them today for dinner in Vancouver. So my first area is La Center
which is super small, no stop lights, and most of the members live in
the middle of nowhere. Sister Gomez and I live with Sis. Taylor who is
an 80 year old member and is so cute. She takes good care of us and we
also live on a farm. So awesome. Adjusting to mission life has been
kind of difficult but it has also been very rewarding. The first day
we were trackting and set up 2 return appointments for this week. A
lot of slammed doors and weed farmers turning us away but the Lord has
been with us and its been really great.

We are teaching a nine year old girl named Nicole whos family is just
returning to activity and have her on date for baptism for March 28th.
Hopefully it happens, they havent been coming to church a lot so we
are praying for them. We also are teaching the Glenns who are a part
member family. The mom hasnt wanted anything to do with the
missionaries until we started doing service for them and now she is
more open to having us talk about Christ with her. I love that family.
They have a daughter who is 7 and she is hilarious. We are always
entertained when we are visiting with them. The ward here is awesome
though. We get meals every night and they are so willing to do
missionary work and most of the referrals come from them. Also we went
to a casino for dinner with a member. So the first time I was in a
casino it was on my mission. But la center has three casinos and a
tavern and thats about it. We are 45 minutes north of Vancouver and we
have to do our shopping in a neighboring town.

This sunday we were able to meet with a lot of less active families
and just talk with them and share a message about Gods love for them.
They are so awesome and now that we finally met them we are able to
figure out their needs and help them come back to church. Also
everyone out here has huge dogs. We met brand new puppies yesterday as
well as a newfoundland. So great. My comp doesnt really like dogs but
i embrace them because well I just miss jake haha.

I am so glad that everything at home is doing great. I hope that
Courtney and Danny get all situated in their new place. Im sure you
both did wonderful on your talks. The Lord really does love you all
and is watching over you. I just love all of the promises that he
gives to us if we just obey. He will grant us more blessings then we
could ever imagine if we just follow his commandments. How great is
that! The Book of Mormon is such a wonderful tool that we were given
to find happiness and I have found that happiness. It doesnt matter
how far gone you are the Lord is still waiting to recieve you and
bless you. There is true and eternal happiness in following the
commandments of God. I am so thankful for this gospel that we have
that teaches us how to live happy lives to lead us back to our Father
in Heaven. I just love this gospel.

Mom: The boots look cute but they need to be an extended calf, if they
are then send them my way. I did get everything that I needed so I am
set :) I love you all so much and pray for you every day.
- Sister Stephens

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