Thursday, February 12, 2015

MTC Life

HELLO!!!! AHHH I love being a missionary, it is so wonderful. I can't believe that it has already been a week since I have been here. The schedule is pretty crazy here, we have like no time to even breath. We wake up and then we go to class and do our own studies and have our companionship study with our district study. My companion is sis. hansen, she is from cedar hills utah and she is so great. We teach really well together and she has been a really big strength to me when I am feeling discouraged. My district is amazing and we are all going to vancouver but two elders. I am learning so much about the gospel and just about how important the book of mormon really is. It draws us to Christ and centers us. How amazing is that that we have a Father in Heaven that loves us so much to give us even more direction as we are on this earth. Thank you for having us read it at home, I know that just one chapter a day and studying that it will strengthen our family so much. Our investiagtor Austin finally prayed and has committed to be baptized. He is amazing. Our other two are still learning but that is okay. I am learning to teach people and to not teach lessons. The Lord knows his children and he knows exactly what we need to be teaching them. So if we just listen to the spirit then we will be able to teach them what they need. 

I have seen one sister from school here, her name is Priscilla and she is pretty cool but I only see her every now and then. Mostly I just hang out with my district when there is time for that. I had a pretty hard day yesterday and so the elders gave me a blessing of comfort and I also talked to my teacher bro. barton, who is amazing, and he really helped me see that I am not an awful missionary. It was the first time that I have cried since I have been here. I guess it just doesn't seem real yet, mostly because I haven't lived at home in so long. I think it willl be really difficult once I get to washington. Whenever i tell people where i am from and where i am going they do the same thing that everyone in the ward has been doing. Its really funny, but I just want to get there and actually start teaching people what I have come to learn and love so much. My district has named me Sister, I LOVE THE GOSPEL! Mostly because I say that like everyday haha. But i do, i really do love the gospel. it makes my life just so much better. The sisters in my district are Sister Nielsen and sister black and we all live in a little dorm with bunkbeds that we hardly ever see. But we have a lot of laughs at dinner and at our residence when we are there. It makes everything a little more bareable. 

So I am going to be sending home some clothes, and I am sure you have seen that I made a big purchase because like three of my skirts are not doable here and for the mission. They are modest but i have to keep making sure they are not riding up and that is such a pain when doing missionary work. So I bought some at the MTC bookstore. So hopefully you havent pulled everything out of my checking yet. Im so happy that you have more time off. You really need it. I worry a lot about everyone too but prayer is so real. So keep praying for them and studying from the scriptures. It will bless our family so much. I love you so much momma. I wouldn't be a missionary without your constant example and guidance in my life. I will send you pictures today! I LOVE YOU 


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