Monday, March 23, 2015

Super Awesome Week!

This week has been super awesome. I can't believe that another week has gone by and I have been in the field for a whole month haha. We went on exchanges with our sister training leaders on Tuesday and I was with sister boatright who is a little older than me and we saw a lot of miracles that are leading to wonderful things. We met with a man named tony who had the first lesson and then nothing after that. It was cool to go meet him and hopefully his schedule will work out so we can go to teach him more and invite him to read the Book of Mormon more often. He seemed interested but was in a huge project. We also met a woman named Pam whose husband was a referral from church headquarters but wasn't interested. However she was!! We have a meeting with her on Tuesday of this week and we are so excited. We tried meeting with her last week but she had strep throat and ain't nobody got time for that. We have a baptism for Nicole this Saturday and we are so stoked. The family is doing awesome and they are working towards getting to the temple so that is so great.  

We have another person on date for May and she is doing great. Her name is sibyl and she has been taking the lessons for like a year now and has some issues but she is going strong. Her testimony is so encouraging and she knows that the gospel is true. It's amazing. The work is definitely progressing. Even when we go to contact people with no trespassing signs who end up having guns....awkward. Don't worry he was super nice and didn't chase us away. So that was a blessing. On a weird note we got antied for like an hour at this guys house. That was cool. Jokes it really wasn't. We had a referral from the sister training leaders and this lady is like my daughters Mormon and I need a church so can I come to yours. It was great. Hopefully she will come this week!  I am so excited for general conference and for the women's conference which we will be watching at the stake center and then rushing back for the baptism at our meeting house. 

This pday has been kind of crazy. We went as a zone to the ape caves. It sounded fun....until we had to scale rocks for like five hours!! Jokes it was more like two hours but it was cool. So that is why this letter is so short. We have like an hour to get everything done. I love you all so much and I know that the lord is looking out for everyone. Trust his plan. Always trust him. I'm sorry I couldn't email everyone back this week but I will try to not spend all next pday underground in a cave, I promise. Also it was raining all through the hike and my feet are soaked and so am I. I sure do love you all and I'll talk to you all next week! 


Sister Stephens 

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