Friday, March 13, 2015

The Gospel Has Been Restored!

This week has been pretty interesting. I've been super sick, sudafed and NyQuil have been my best friends. We had a lot of success with members coming to lessons with us. Sister wade is so awesome and came tracting with us. We only talked to two people but the miracle is that they actually talked to us about Christ and didn't slam the door. We may have a new investigator from it as well. Her name is deeann and she was so sweet and talked and asked questions so hopefully we will catch her this week and teach me more about the restoration. Our other investigators are doing well. We are working with Nicole trying to help her mom understand the importance of coming to church consistently. She is still on date so that is a blessing. Luis and Juan we had to refer to the Spanish missionaries so we don't really know how they are doing. We keep praying for them. We visited with Carmen who has been taught for  a while and her boyfriend who she lives with is inactive. He has been telling her a lot of anti Mormon information and she doesn't believe in the plan of salvation. It's heart breaking because that is one of my favorite parts of the gospel. It really is the plan of happiness and gives so much depth and meaning to our lives. Also check out 2 nephi 1 I love the counsel that lehi gives to his sons in those first chapters. This world has so many temptations and the only way that we can hold to the iron rod is putting the full armor of God on every day. It is so important to pray and read e scriptures every day. They will bring us closer to Christ and allow for the spirit to more fully work within us. 

Sad news for this week though. My companion is getting emergency transferred to long view. They need a Spanish sister to replace  a sister that is going home for surgery. So I will be getting a new trainer. All I know is that her name is sister McMullen and has been out four months. I'm nervous and excited. La center is a huge area full of back roads so I have no clue how we are going to get around without the gps. Our zone has a goal to get 20 people on date for baptism by the 31st. We know that Heavenly Father is behind the goal and we have nine already so pray for us! We went and did service for this botanical garden and it was so fun! We basically just pulled weeds but answered questions about the church so that was awesome! 

I just love the ward that I am serving in. Fun story I had to use the restroom so so bad and we ran to the Lents house and asked to use the restroom. Bro Lents was the only one there so he ran out of his house so we could be in there. So nice but so embarrassing. We love them and everyone here. I gave the prayer in sacrament and everyone asked if I was sick....and I am. Awkward. I am excited for this next week. Sorry is is short but we have so much to do this week. I love you all and remember that the gospel has been restored! 

Sister Stephens 

My Zone

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