Tuesday, October 13, 2015

"There Must Needs be an Opposition in All Things"

Well I had to say goodbye to beautiful Seaside but I was grateful to
serve there just for a little while. On Monday President and Sister
Taylor took me to the airport to pick up Sister Black! We were in the
same district in the mtc and now we are companions. So this week a
scripture has been rolling through my mind this week that has given me
a lot of strength. 2 Nephi 2:11 talks about how there must needs be an
opposition in all things. But without this opposition we wouldn't know
the good from the bad or the righteousness from the evil. It has been
a week of opposition but we have come out stronger and more humble,
individually and as a companionship. As I was thinking about this
scripture every day, as door after door slammed and people mocked and
turned the backs on us, it gave me a lot of comfort. I appreciate those
moments when we can teach and realize now, even more, how important it is
to have the spirit when we teach. If we don't have it, then we have
wasted such a privilege to teach one of Heavenly Father's children. I
have learned to rely on prayer and to control what we have control
over. Even if it is just making sure we get 10 oyms a day. And that
helps a lot, knowing that we did what we could and kept pressing

But like always,we did see miracles this week. And it was in a lady
named Mary and a man named John. Mary was found by the elders and we
had tried to see her before I left for Seaside, but could never catch her
home. But we went and met her. She remembers going to church as a
child but never was baptized and she asked if we supplied the Book of
Mormon or if she should go to the book store to buy one. We are going
to see her next week. And the one person this week that we tracted
into as interested is John! We don't really know a whole lot, but he
has a daughter and he said we should come back in the afternoon. So
that was a huge miracle.

I just loved general conference. It is so great to hear from the
apostle and prophets! And to have three new apostles, it's so great to
witness the rolling forth of the work of the Lord. Listening to
President Monson's testimony really strengthened me this week. He is
pushing forth and declaring what he knows and it helps me focus. I
enjoyed the most, the talk about eternal progression and asking
Heavenly Father what is keeping us from progressing. I just loved that
because we should always be working on becoming more like our Heavenly
Father and it really just happens one step at a time. However we just
have to take that step. But our forever is made up of now's so we best
get going. :)

We are just about to head out to hike Multnomah Falls with President
and Sister Taylor! Super stoked. But I love you all and I hope you
have a wonderful week.

Sister Stephens

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