Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Seaside, OR

So crazy turn of events this week. Last pday night we were teaching a lesson and then were going to go out and try and find people to teach. And then my companion said she was really sick so a member drove us home....she had such bad anxiety about being a missionary that she was making herself sick. We talked for a long time and she said she didn't want to preach to people or "force" anyone into the church... So we called president Taylor and he told her he could have her on a flight the next day. She freaked out even more and I kind of lost some of my patience. I just told her to make up her mind and either stay or go. It had been like this all week so I was more than frustrated. She didn't want to work. We literally don't have to be here so if you don't want to, then just go home. So she did. Tuesday afternoon. So then I got emergency transferred to Seaside. I literally live on the beach. It's amazing. So I settled in and president texted me on Saturday night and asked if I could be ready to move back to Vancouver. There is a sister who had to go home for surgery and she is coming back today so I am leaving to go back to my old area to serve with her. It's been one of longest weeks of my mission! But I have loved being in Seaside and I had two companions and they are just so awesome. We found a lot of new people to teach. So that is awesome. I'm just a little nervous to go back to Vancouver. The sea heals my soul! 

So seaside was great. We were going to teach an investigator and my companions waved hello to a man on the street and then for some reason I was like we have to go talk to him....so I chased after him but he didn't see me running so no worries there. But we talked to him a little bit about the Book of Mormon and he said come back over later that night. So we did. His name is Ken and he has been searching for something more and to have God in his life more. We were able to teach him the restoration and he wants to get baptized. It's amazing. And we ran into another family who is super interested in learning more. It's great. I love being a missionary. Sister Nielsen and Sister Hibbard were awesome companions and I learned a lot of things from them about working hard and staying positive and dedicated to the mission. I'm really sad to leave them. But God doesn't do random so I am so excited to be back in Vancouver 3rd Ward to start doing what Heavenly Father needs me to do here. 

My new companion will be Sister Black. We actually were in the mtc together! She had to go home for a surgery and now she is coming back today so I am so excited! It is going to be so great. I am so ready to just work in my own area. So this morning a senior couple came to pick me up in Seaside and now I'm back in Vancouver waiting for president and sister Taylor to come pick me up to go and pick Sister Black up at the airport. So I'm just chilling in the mission office....without a companion.....so this is fun.

I hope you were able to watch the women's conference. It was so great, I loved hearing all of the talks. Especially Sister Wixoms talk about our divine nature. I loved the quote, "I am a child of God....therefore what?" I think that is such a great thing to guide our decisions and our life. We are all children of God and we have a divine role and divine heritage to live up to. And it makes us just remember. Remember to pray and to read our scriptures and to follow the commandments that Heavenly Father has given us. He loves us! So much! That knowledge alone just blows my mind. So remember who you are and live up to the potential and privilege that you have as a son or daughter of God.

The church is true. I love being a missionary. 

Sister Stephens 

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