Sunday, October 11, 2015

Find the Why of The Gospel!

Wow what a crazy week. Transfer week always seems kind of exhausting
and long. But we are here in Vancouver. The 3rd Ward is so amazing,
and they are so willing to help us in our work, especially with
rides...because we are in a walking area. It's growing on me nana I
just have a difficult time passing by so many houses and not talking
to them when we are on a way to an appointment and it takes us thirty
minutes to get there. Our area book didn't fully transfer over so that
has been kind of difficult. The previous elders were covering two
wards and now they are covering just 7th ward and we are in 3rd Ward.
So it kind of feels like we are starting from scratch.

But for the last part of Portland experiences. We were able to say
goodbye to a lot of people and it was really tough. We got to have a
lesson with Jeremiah (debbies grandson) he is so excited for baptism.
He doesn't want to wait very long but we have to make sure he
understands everything. Gladys is in Utah now and will be getting
baptized soon! She is the greatest. President had the entire mission
come together for transfer meeting which is very unusual. He just
wanted to encourage us all to find the why of the gospel and
internalize the doctrine of Christ to help us in our work here. It was
amazing. Definitely needed. He taught us a lot about how baptism is
the key to the gate back to Heavenly Father and without it we literally
are shut out of the celestial kingdom. It's so important!!!

And then the fun began of opening the area. I was way pumped to be
here and I'm ready to work. Which I still am, no worries. But my
companion is struggling. She came out for reasons that aren't strong
enough to keep a person on a mission. This is the hardest work I have
ever done. But my testimony of the gospel gets me up everyday and
pushes me out the door. And doors slam, we are laughed at, and mocked
but then that one person who is ready lets you in. And it makes it all
worth it. This week has been kind of tough teaching wise. We had
lessons fall through but that's alright. Saturday was rough. My comp
just had an emotional breakdown and almost went home. She doesn't have
a desire to be here, so she says she will stay for a transfer and I
pray that she does. But that area is great, and we found a young man
we are going to be teaching this week. He has friends who are on
missions and he is curious. And we found a lady who was a referral and
is really excited for us to come back. It's definitely different than
Portland but we are here for a reason. And God doesn't do random.

We did meet a man who knows the Book of Mormon is true and read it
when he was in prison....but he flaked on our appointment....I wasn't
really surprised there haha but it was a miracle after getting shut
down all day. I wish I had more to report. But this week has been
crazy and we haven't been able to do much work, just be working on
helping my companion stay here. Oh and we are in the same ward as
elder and sister Burgoyne, they are office missionaries and I love them
so much. So that's a bonus :) I love you all so much. Remember to turn
to Christ. There's no reason to stay all alone in the dark. He truly
is the light of the world. And when we turn unto him and are converted
he heals us. I know he does because he has done it in my life. Have a
wonderful week.

Sister Stephens

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