Monday, January 25, 2016

Woodland is Great!

First thing, I LOVE WOODLAND! It has been the hardest yet best week of
my mission. Covering two wards is definitely a different experience
but it keeps us so so busy everyday. We have seen so many miracles but
I will get to that later. My companion is sister Girot and we served
in the same zone three transfers ago. She is from Springville Utah and
has been out nine months. We are both brand new to the area so we are
doing our best doubling in. The wards are great and so are our Ward
mission leaders and Ward missionaries. We cover the woodland and
Kalama area and it is the biggest area in the mission. So that has
been fun. And we live with members :) seriously the best ever living
with members. Except we never see them so mostly we have this huge
house to ourselves. It's the best.

The last week in van 3rd was really sad. I miss the people so much!
The Allen's are coming up to Woodland for my year mark and we are going
out to dinner :) super stoked. But then I realize that I have been out
for almost a year and it makes me sad. But I have six months to
continue to invite others to come unto Christ. And we have seen so
many cool miracles so far. We are teaching Lawna and her daughter
Brianna. They had elders knock on their door a while ago and the
sisters before us found her again. They are both so excited to hear
the gospel and we had a great first lesson with them. They were going
to come to church this week but they went shopping to get Brianna
church shoes and they missed church... Unamused face but we have two meetings
with them this week and we are so stoked. Also they committed to be
baptized so that pretty fun. We also are teaching a girl named Ashley.
She is 15 years old and her sister is a member of the church. They
have been to the temples visitor center and she wants to go to young
women's and learn more about the church. So that's pretty cool. So
many wonderful things going on in the woodland wards. Oh and we also
met this super awesome lady named Edith. She is old and from Germany.
She talks a lot so we didn't get to share a tom with her but she sent
us home with a lot of German food. And one of our investigators lives
in a van in the middle of no where. Only in woodland. It's great, I love
it :)

So some fun stories for you. We were driving to our bishops house and
then the road suddenly comes up to a road closed we figured
it was probably one of those closed to through traffic things....the
sign wasn't covering the entire road so there was just enough room to
go past it. Are you saying bad idea yet? Cause it was. We keep driving
and then there is this huge tree that had fallen in the middle of the
road! So we did like a five point turn around and have to call our
bishop for directions. Moral of the story, when the sign says road
closed it probably means road closed because there was a previous
mudslide that hadn't been fixed yet. That was a stressful time but we
ended up laughing at it later haha. And our church overlaps so we have
to juggle where we are at and when. So there's that for you all.

Let's see....we did have a world wide broadcast for missionaries on
Wednesday. Elders Bednar and Cook taught and a few from the 70. They
taught us about teaching repentance and baptizing converts. It was so
awesome. The main focus was being converted ourselves so we can go out
and work. And about working with members, so make sure you are helping
your missionaries :) update on president Taylor is his only job is to
get better. President Ferrin is here temporarily to take over some of
president Taylor's responsibilities while he is recovering from the

Just a great week here in Washington :) well the wet half at least!
Love you all and have a great week.

Sister Stephens,

The long view zone! 

Edith gave us this German hot dog things that are like bratwursts But are way gross.

Saying goodbye to the Reynolds family

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