Monday, January 18, 2016

Transfer Time Again!

We had such a great week here in the Vancouver third Ward. I'm sure
you are all just dying to hear about transfers. So I will be leaving
and going to Woodland! It is in the Longview stake and I now cover
Woodland 1st and 2nd Ward. And my companion is sister Girot, I have
served with her before and she is super awesome so I'm way excited.
Except yesterday at church they announced that I was leaving and I
bore my testimony for the last time in the 3rd Ward. It was so sad. I
love these people so so much. It's been so hard saying goodbye to
everyone. But I'm sure I will love Woodland and am excited for the
change. It's really close to La Center so I will be back to the
boonies :) so that is transfer news. Now for President Taylor news. He
was released from the hospital yesterday and his sole purpose is to
get better. So for the next month or so we will be having an IFR which
is an in field representative that will come and take the
ecclesiastical assignments over for president and sister Taylor until
president is recovered. Which they are expecting a month or so. So
this week we will have a new couple out here to help and guide the

So our week has been great. We have been finding like crazy and it has
been so awesome. We had a lesson with our new investigator Courtney.
We found her in November and she said to come back after the first of
the year so we did. She has belonged to other churches before and just
hasn't felt that they were it. So now we are teaching her. We taught
her about the restoration and how she can come to know for herself by
reading the Book of Mormon. She was so open and excited to learn. The
sisters will be going back this week but I will be gone. But she's

We also found a family this week. The parents are Nicole and Casey. We
saw them New Year's Eve and they said to come back over and we have a
few times. We were supposed to have a lesson with them on Saturday but
she was sick so we had to reschedule for Tuesday. I don't really know
a lot about them but they are good friends with a family in the Ward.
So pray it goes well!!
We found another family this week as well. Laura and Aaron. We knocked
on their door and talked to them about the restoration and the Book of
Mormon. We set up a return appointment so that's always good.

We continue to work with members in the Ward who need more knowledge
and strengthening and that has been really cool. Especially seeing how
the Book of Mormon impacts their life. We leave assignments with them
to read and it really is changing them. As well as helping them
understand more fully the doctrines of Christ, like faith and
repentance. Which then helps them to overcome the things they are
struggling with. It's pretty cool how the gospel works. It's all for
our benefit and learning. Heavenly Father just loves us so so much.
Church this week was really great, in sacrament we talked about our
purpose in life and in Sunday school we talked about our heavenly
family. It was all good and just a great time to feel the spirit.

Let's see what else happened this week.....well I cut my hair!! I
hadn't done it in a year so it was needed. She took off three inches
so it's pretty short but now a lot better. I said I would never get a
short missionary hair cut and I did!!! Oh well Haha. Just in time for
a new transfer and a new area. I love you all so much and pray for you
Sister Stephens

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The Allen's

The Allen's

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                                                          Sister de Leon! 

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