Monday, December 14, 2015

Rain and Miracles!

Crazy week here in Vancouver. Lots of rain and lots of miracles. It has been raining like super crazy all day every day. And up north in battle ground there was a tornado. And land slides as well. I'm just glad I'm not serving further north. We just have ran into flooded sidewalks so I am grateful for rides and rain boots. As well as days where we have appointments so we don't have to be out in the rain. I am also grateful for dryers so we can come home and dry our clothes and out dry ones on. 

So I think the highlight of our week was definitely Thursday. I found out the day before that the Penders from La Center were going together as a family to be sealed together. It was so awesome. The Groves from La Center, our Ward mission leader and wife, came to Vancouver to pick us up and then took us to the temple. It was so great. The spirit was so strong in that sealing. Families are eternal, that is how God intended them to be. It was such a privilege to be there with them. And then when we were driving back to Vancouver we saw the Christmas boat parade so we circled around to the pier to look at them. As we were getting out I grabbed my iPad out of my bag to take a picture and then we were on our way home after that. And that is when I noticed my purse was gone. So we called and checked the temple but it wasn't there. And then we went back to the pier and it wasn't there either. So that was that. I was super bummed. Our phone, keys, and wallet were in my bag. Then later that night we got a call from the sister training leaders at our home phone. They told us the elders called us and a man answered so they went to pick our stuff up and brought it back to us. That was a huge blessing. 

Wednesday we had transfer meeting and I saw sister McMullin and sister Michaud. Sister Michaud broke her hand!! Her and her companion tried to fit into a really big baptismal suit. They fit but ended up falling over and she broke her hand in the process. It was great to see them though. President talked a lot about faith and confidence. And how we increase one the other one goes up as well. It was a really great meeting and strengthened us all a lot. Plus it's really awesome seeing all the people that I have served with before. 

Teaching his week has been good. We found a new investigator named Kim. She is younger and just moved into the area and wants to find a church. So we are going back over on Saturday to teach her :) super pumped. We also met with Hawaii and Tonga and they are doing super awesome as well. We talked about tithing and the blessings that come from being obedient to the lords commandments. She also bought me a blow dryer for Christmas. It was awesome. Nikita is doing good. She is struggling with keeping some of her commitments so we will continue to work with her and address her needs. We are praying and praying for people to teach and Heavenly Father has blessed us with Kim this week and another less active to teach. So we keep on moving forward with faith. 

I'm excited for Christmas time and to Skype with everyone! We had the Ward Christmas party on Saturday. It was really fun. We had a ton of food and the youth acted out the nativity scene. So that was pretty fun. Also my new zone leader knows the butlers in hurricane. Like our cousins. So that is pretty cool. 

It's been a pretty fun week. Remember Christ and who you are. 
Love you, 
Sister Stephens 

Just another day Tracting.....

The Ward Christmas party

At the Portland temple atrium

The Penders were sealed as a family on Thursday! 

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