Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas in the Mission field

I loved this Christmas week in the mission field. We were able to do a lot of service so that was really awesome. Mostly we just caroled to people. We went to the hospital and then with some members and as a zone on Christmas night. And as usual we were at friends of the carpenter doing service on Wednesday. With all the holiday celebration it felt a little weird because we did less proselyting than we usually do. However on Tuesday we were able to go to the temple and that was the highlight of the week. However we did get stuck in traffic coming from Portland to Vancouver that took us about two hours to get through. But all is well. 

So the cool miracles this week were many. Last night we went by to try and see a potential investigator and her friend. Sister Black and I found them two transfers ago and we haven't been able to get back in touch with them since then. But we decided to stop by last night and they were home! And then they let us in. We talked to them about the family proclamation to the world and how the family is ordained of God. Then Amy, the friend, was so not interested last time we talked was more open this time. We were able to give her a Book of Mormon and testify of it. We explained how it is a tool from God to bring more happiness in this life and in the next life. So that was pretty cool. 

We were able to meet with Shannon this week and she really wants to get baptized. But she has been so flaky with the church that the bishop wants her to take it slow. And she needs to actually stay for all of we are going to work with her on that. But she is doing a lot better than what she was before so that is good.

We also found a new less active to teach. She was baptized three years ago but had a bad experience with a bishop in Tacoma. But she wants to come back into the church so we are going to start working with her. But she didn't come to church this week so we will see how that works. 

Anyway life is good. We still have a car. But only for a few days probably. Well sorry this is short but I just talked to you guys. Love you! 

Sister Stephens 

The castle that took us two and a half hours to build

Us and Hawaii at church

The first snow

The zone at the temple 

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