Monday, November 30, 2015

Transfers 10/26/15

Well another week in van 3rd. So first things transfers are on
Wednesday and sister black is going to happy valley in Oregon and I am
staying here and training a new missionary. So that should be exciting
and now we don't have a car so we will be back to walking. And winter
is that means rain. But that's okay. The relief society
president just gave me her coat on Sunday because it's heavier than my
rain jacket. So that was basically awesome. Now I'll be warm....I hope

So this week we haven't found any new investigators and we didn't get
to teach Nikita. She canceled all three of her appointments. But that
gave us time to go and talk to people and try and invite them to learn
more about the gospel. I guess some highlights from it all was a
referral we got on Sunday to teach a recent converts girl friend and
mom. We are super stoked to teach them.....or anyone haha. But we just
keep praying and having faith. We are teaching some awesome members
who are coming back to activity. They are Tonga and Hawaii. Seriously
the most awesome people ever. He strayed a little after they got
married and now they are wanting to go to the temple. So we see them
once a week and the lessons are just amazing. On Saturday we had a guy
anti us pretty bad and wouldn't let us leave so we were just feeling a
little down and then we went to see them. So it was a lot better. But
the lesson was so amazing. We talked about the plan of salvation and
how awesome Heavenly Father is. I just love the plan of salvation. Man
it's the best.

I am super love my district. It's probably the best district I have
been in. It has been really awesome having them all around. Heavenly
Father is so nice. And on Tuesday we are going to take out the new
sisters for a few hours so that should be fun. And today I played
soccer....that was awful.

So I was reading this morning in Moroni 6. It was awesome, only like 9
verses but it was legit. Check it out. I just loved how it talks about
what we need to do to prosper in our lives and have the spirit to be
with us. It's legit. Also I don't have a lot more to say. It's been a
week. But we keep on praying.
Love you all,
Sister Stephens

This is Casper. His leg is broken but is the cutest puppy ever.

They are taking our car away so we figure we can buy this and drive it around

Transfer letters!! Black is going to happy valley in Portland to train and I am staying in van 3rd to train!

Wapis!! We make these instruments that you put in water and it floats when the water has boiled enough to be pure. Service Every Wednesday with the district and barbarita

Tonga and Hawaii! They are returning to activity! And we love them.

The district!! Or as we call it the sistrict. I love them all!

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