Monday, November 30, 2015

Every Soul is Great in the Sight of God

What a week! I officially hit nine months on Wednesday so that was
pretty awesome. We celebrated by doing service, getting a shake at
Burgerville annnnd tracting! We also had a lesson with Shannon so it
was a pretty great mission birthday. So we were able to find a new
investigator named Greg this week. We tracted into him and he has a
young family and was interested in us coming back so we will go on
Wednesday! Nikita canceled her appointmet this week so she isn't
really progressing. She may be moving but we aren't sure yet. I guess
we will see what happens with that. We are going through a lot of the
part member family lists trying to find someone to teach. And knocking
a lot of doors. We did find a potential part member family, the
Binghams, but we haven't been able to schedule anyone with them yet.
We are having a lesson with the hunts tonight and they are also a part
member family. So there are some good prospectives. Just keep on
knocking and calling. There has got to be someone here to teach!

We went on exchanges this week and I stayed in my area and it rained
from ten to six. All day. Just a constant rain fall. I didn't have my
warm coat on and had my regular boots on...bad idea. Half way through
the day we had to walk home and change jackets and double up the
socks. So that didn't work feet were so soaked all day.
So many blisters. And a member picked us up and gave me this huge
umbrella and it took up the entire sidewalk. So awesome. And while we
were walking to our only appointment that day it canceled. And we had
been walking to it for thirty minutes. Then we called the other
sisters with the car and we went to Walmart and I had to buy rain
boots and thick socks. And they are a hideous green color. Oh well
gotta stay dry. That was a fun exchange.

Last night we had dinner with Hawaii and Tonga. And they are doing
great. Still coming to church and keeping the temple in their goals.
And yes they do have interesting names haha but Hawaii is the girl.
She is so awesome. We had a huge feast and we even tried seaweed
salad, and I'll never eat it again but I did try it. And we talked
about how Tonga dives after these huge fishes in Samoa and saw a huge
mantaray!!! Crazy stories.

Oh and we had trainer trainee meeting this week and as usual it was
super awesome. President talked about strengthening our brethren and
how as missionaries that is our calling. Every soul is great in the
sight of god, member or non member. And we have to follow the spirit
to help Heavenly Father in this great work. It was pretty awesome. And
we had a great sacrament meeting. The high priests talked about having
moral cleanliness in our words and deeds. And the biggest pull away
for me was having a change of heart. If we have things we need to
change then to do that we have to come unto Christ. So we have to just
bring our hearts closer to Christ and then our actions will follow.
It's pretty great.

Well I hope you all have a great week and know that I love you and
you're in my prayers!

Sister Stephens

                                                   My come for a week sister Hibbard

                                                                            Sister Turner

                                                                       Sister Black

                                                              Nine months!


                                                                The huge umbrella

                                                       My new rain boots

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