Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Having Faith is the Foundation

This week has been really awesome. We have been finding a lot of new
investigators and we had an awesome baptism on Saturday. We also had a
lot of meetings this week. Zone conference was amazing. We studied the
doctrine of Christ and how repentance is such a gift from our heavenly
father. President talked to us about our true identity and how gods
plan will never fail. It was amazing, and we all got a nice little
gift for our birthdays. The spirit was so strong and it was just so
awesome to spend the day learning from the scriptures. We also had a
sister comp study with the traveling aps. We talked again about the
doctrine of Christ so we were learning about faith, repentance,
baptism, receiving the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the
end. So cool. Having faith is just so important. Its the foundation of
everything. For real. Check out the talk the miracle of faith by
president Hinckley.

So Debbie's baptism was awesome. President and sister Taylor were there
and so was like a ton of her family. We had to recite the restoration
in front of president and it made me so nervous. But it turned out
pretty good. The spirit was just so strong at the baptism and it was
just so great being able to see her actually get baptized. And then
the confirmation on Sunday was great as well. A lot of her family was
there as well so hopefully that opens the door for us to teach her
family.  We also took her to the temple last Monday and it was so
awesome. Man the church is so true. She is just on her way to so many
great things.

We only had one weird experience this week where an investigator fell
in love with sister michaud so we handed him over to the ysa elders
and then he turned out to be like a devil worshiper and then they
dropped them. It was weird, and uncomfortable. But for the most part
we had a really good week.

Transfers are on the 16th of September so we are going to get letters
next Sunday. So that will be interesting. I have no idea what is going
to happen....I kind of am ready to go to another area but i will do
whatever president wants me to do. The time just keeps flying by and I
just love it here.

We have had a good week but not a lot to report other than the baptism
which was awesome. It rained a that was good. And we got a
new investigator at salvation army while we were shopping for grandma
skirts. It was pretty awesome. We are going to meet with him tomorrow.

Well i love you all and hope you have a wonderful week.

sister Stephens

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