Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Life is Good, and The Gospel is True!

This week has been pretty great. We were kind of stressed for part of
it but that comes with the territory of serving a mission! However we
did see many miracles this week. Unfortunately we had to drop some
people, like Chris. It is hard to see people make choices that will
not lead them to the happiness that the gospel brings into our lives.
Debbie and Gladys are doing great and we are teaching them every week.
I'm not sure if Debbie will make her baptism date of the 22nd but it
will be shortly after that. She just needs more time to learn and
really be ready to make the covenant of baptism. Gladys is going to be
baptized on October 11 in Utah with her family.

A huge tender mercy this week was we got to see president Taylor. My
companion really needed some more emotional and spiritual support so
president came down to talk to us. He pulled me in the room after he
talked to her and he just told me to keep on going, and to trust in the
lord. Something he said really stuck out to me was to not beat
ourselves up because there are so many people in life that will beat
us up and we don't need to do that ourselves. President is the greatest
ever. I really felt the love heavenly father has for me when I was in
that meeting.

We talked to a lot of random people on the street and argued with a
Spanish man who was trying to teach us about the Jehovah witness
church...we couldn't understand him and he wouldn't let us leave. So
that was kind of awkward. I survived transfers with Sister Michaud! We
are so stoked to be in this area for another transfer. At transfer
meeting our Skype went out that was broadcasting presidents
we called sis Taylor and she put us on speaker. So the entire zone was
sitting around a car listening to a crackled transfer meeting through
the blue tooth speakers. It was amazing. But we learned a lot. He
talked a lot about who we are, and who we think we are is who we will
become. I have been thinking a lot about that. Our mind set is so
important in missionary work and especially in life. If we know who we
are as sons and daughters of God then we will act and think as such.

We had a really great sacrament meeting this week with investigators
and less actives coming. It was great. One of our investigators had to
cancel our meeting on Sunday because there was a shooting right
outside her apartment window and the police had caution tape
everywhere.....we saw the lights of the police the night before as we
were driving home. So that was awkward. They literally snuck out of
their apartment to come to church. Way sketchy! But we were glad to
see them at church :)

I love the mission so much and I love hearing from everyone. It is
great seeing miracles and seeing just how much the lord loves us all.
The other day we felt impressed to go see a name in the area book and
we did. It happened to be Debbie's house! We had no idea it was her
house and she didn't come to church that day either. So we shared a
message with her and she said she didn't realize how much she needed
that until we came. Heavenly father truly is in the details of our
life and cares for us so very much. I cant believe i only have a year
left to bring others to Christ! Life is good, and the gospel is true!

Sister Stephens

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