Monday, June 8, 2015

God Doesn't do Random!

Oh man what a week. It has been definitely a challenging one but full of miracles and blessings :) Unfortunately some of our lessons fell through and we were dropped a few times but hey that is mission life. It is really sad to see people feel the spirit and then deny that they felt it the next time that we meet with them. But on a happier note we were able to make some awesome progress with a few investigators: Chris and Mia. Mia came to stake conference and it talked a ton about baptism so that was awesome. And she is wanting more conference talks to read and said that she is feeling the spirit more in her life and is wanting to live by the gospel rather than by the worldly standards. We are meeting with her tonight to teach about repentance and the atonement, which is like my favorite subject to talk about :) Repentance is definitely the most hopeful word in the dictionary. We were also able to meet with Chris and he read Alma 32 about faith and we asked him to pray to know if the Book of Mormon was true and he said he would but that he didn't know how. It amazes me that people have gone their whole life without knowing how to pray and ask God for things. I can't imagine my life without that constant source of light that I receive while praying. We were also able to teach a lot of lessons just on the street which can be some of the coolest lessons but also some of the weird and confusing ones as well. We met this family from North Carolina and taught about prophets and shared a Mormon message with them and it was so amazing. I love testifying to people and telling them what I have found to be true. How very loved we are by our Father in Heaven to have a prophet again on the earth. We also met a really drunk guy but hey that's Portland :) He first said that you have to be a psychopath if you didn't believe in Christ but then went on to say how he didn't believe in him at all....we just gave him our card and walked away. People man. If only they knew what they were missing!! I just love the gospel. 
We had stake conference this week and President Taylor spoke so that was awesome. But everything he said we have already heard haha. But one of the talks talked about making sure to do the daily's of scripture study and prayer. What a serious difference that will make in our lives. That is one of the coolest things I have learned being out here. Those alone invite the spirit so much more into your life and you can receive direction and answers by just remembering what you read that day in the scriptures and through the spirit while you are praying. I have also realized how sincere prayer is amazing. I don't know why I couldn't figure that out before. But finding a private place to speak out loud to our Father in Heaven makes it more personal and sincere. Those are some awesome ways to have the spirit in our lives everyday. Now about your lesson in Relief Society, there is an awesome Mormon message by elder Bednar about patterns of light: the spirit of revelation. It talks a lot about how we can learn to understand how the spirit works and the different patterns that happens when we receive the spirit. Some cool experiences are just simple everyday ones. The other day we were driving and it was almost our curfew so we were going to the last house of the night hoping for one last miracle. We passed this lady at the bus stop and the spirit was so strong and just said: Go see her. And i was like uhhh okay haha and then i told sister Campbell and we pulled right over and went to see her. She was having a terrible day but didn't believe in Christ. We testified of Him and showed the video Because he lives and she was speechless. We were able to testify of her divine identity and told her how much she was loved by her Father in Heaven. It was so cool. The whole time we were praying for the bus to be delayed and then right when we were saying goodbye the bus pulled up. It was perfect timing. God doesn't do random. That is our missions favorite quote. He certainly does not do random. Another cool story was when we met Chris. We saw this name in our area book that we were impressed to go see. And it turned out that it was the house of a recent convert so we were super confused. But we went anyway and we found out that the person we were looking for didn't live there but Chris did. He had been going to church with this family for like 4 weeks and he is so ready for the gospel. We have been having amazing lessons with him and it was all from seeking the spirit. 
Anyway, this week has been amazing. And we are certainly blessed in this area. I am so excited that  you are all doing family names for the temple and that the youth session is full :) That makes me really happy. I love doing temple work. Speaking of the temple we are going tomorrow and we are so pumped! I hope you all have a wonderful week and remember who you are! 
Sister Stephens 

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