Sunday, May 3, 2015

Be Immovable and Trust God

This week has been kind of interesting. We had a full week of lessons
planned and then one by one they canceled or just weren't at their
house. Caroline was the saddest one because we actually saw her go
into the gas station so we happened to need something there and then
we saw her :) she said she really wants us to come back so we
scheduled a Friday visit and then she wasn't home! And she didn't
answer her phone or call us back. But we haven't given up just yet :)
The baptism was super awesome though. Kimmy was so happy and we are
really excited to start teaching her.
 Sybil's baptism is on the 9th of
May and she's doing really well. She had to go to Las Vegas though
because she had a family emergency so we are hoping she gets back in
time. She definitely has some struggles to get through but we are all
praying that she'll make it to her baptism date. We had a few people
drop us this week and that has been hard. But I have been studying lot
about being immovable and trusting God so that's what I am trying to
do. Last night we met a guy named Kevin and we are going back to visit
him tonight.
 Our zone has 88 new investigators and we have until
Thursday to reach 100! We are praying and working super hard to get
that goal. We are going to find them all in April and baptize them in
May to get 100 baptisms a month for the mission.
 We had our stake boundary meeting last night and there were a lot of
changes. La center was basically cut in half and we have the east half
to the alpine heights ward. Which means the Penders are no longer in
our ward :( and we lost all of our ward missionaries and they called a
new bishopric! So a lot of changes here. We didn't gain any new
families so we are going to have to really work hard to strengthen
what is left of the ward. We are really excited though, change is
always good :)
 We had exchanges this week and I went to salmon creek. I also got sick
so that wasn't fun. It was miserable sitting through the lessons and
finally we just went home and I slept. Which is awful. Being sick as a
missionary is the worst. We ate at this sketch restaurant and then it
was downhill from there. But we had a good exchange and it was weird
not being in the boonies for s day! 

Transfers are coming up on the
13th of May so now that I'm almost done training it is going to be
interesting seeing what will happen with that.

Honestly this week hasn't been super interesting. We are still working
hard and trying to keep the faith as we see things crumble down. But
we did get to meet with Katie and we have been trying since i got
here. She is hesitant because her husband doesn't want to learn more
but she has been really feeling something missing from all the other
churches she has been to. So she really wants to learn more but is
torn. But we keep on praying. Sacrament meeting was super awesome this
week as well. We had 13 less active members there and all but one are
now in the other ward. So the elders are going to have to keep them
going strong, especially the Penders.

I hope you all take the time to really
study the scriptures. You can do it :) the gospel is so amazing and
just simply changes you. I'm eternally grateful that I am here. It's
been the best.

 I love you so much! 
 Sister Stephens

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