Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Because He Lives

This week has been super super awesome. We have taught so many lessons
and have met new people and have new investigators and have really
felt the spirit guiding our work here. To answer your questions we
didn't get the goal for people on date but that's okay we have changed
our goal and our tactics to 100 new investigators this month and we
already have 26. Goal setting has been huge and I never really liked
it haha but I realize just how important it is to keep goals and stick
to them. We have been working towards getting 20 lessons a week which
is the standard of excellence for the mission and we got it this week
so that was so happy!!

We are teaching a lady named Deeann who is so sweet and open to
hearing about the gospel. Except she really doesn't like people coming
to her house because it gives her anxiety so we are kind of teaching
her on the phone until we figure out a solution. We were able to drop
off a copy of the Book of Mormon and marked the promised in Moroni and
in the introduction. She called us later and thanked us for the book
and that she had been reading it. She even said that she thinks it is
all true. But she wants to keep reading for now so it's a little
backwards but awesome. Pray for her though because we really want to
be able to teach her and help her progress towards baptism. We also
followed a prompting to go to this blue house at the end of a street
and I was a little nervous but we did it anyway. We met Oscar who was
super nice and we shared the because he lives video and a little bit
about the restoration. He said that we could come back and teach him
more!! We are going back this week sometime so I am so excited for
that. It's awesome how much the work progresses when you set goals and
really give everything to the lord.

We also met this couple named gaston and Emily who are super catholic
and they let us right in and we visited withi them and showed the.
Because he lives and talked about the Book of Mormon. They said that
they would look it over so we are going to let them simmer a .little
bit before we go back. Sibyl is doing good we just have a difficult
time getting in contact with her to actually have lessons Which is the
same with Katie. She said that this week we could meet up so we will
be able to see her level of interest when we meet with her.

We taught a lot of lessons to less actives this week and invited them
to watch general conference. One family had twin boys and they were
telling us all about the motorcycles that they were building and then
they invited us to try rabbit that they had killed in their back yard.
It was disgusting. And tasted like fish. Although sis McMullin liked
it. That was also the same night that we were turning around on this
slope and she accidentally hit me with the car.....no worries it
wasn't bad just really funny. We met this lady named Alla and she is
from Russia. She doesn't know very much English and didn't want to
talk to us. I asked where she was from and then started talking to her
a little bit in Russian and she was really happy and we talked about
Saint Petersburg and she was so sweet. Her husband was a member but he
had passed away. She doesn't want church but said that we could visit.
I don't know how well that will work out because I don't know that
much Russian....at all haha.

Easter and conference were so awesome!!! We spent time with Sandi Mann
on Easter who is a recent convert and I just love her so much!! She
always makes us take food home. This week it was spaghetti. She is so
sweet though and wants so badly to go to church. She had back surgery
and is restricted to her house and probably has to have another
surgery next month.

I love the Easter basket hiding spots this year. I bet that was a fun
one to watch. I'm glad that everything at home is going good. But not
about work, that stinks. I keep praying for you.

So sorry time. We had such a funny week. We visited a less active
family and the old guy comes out and is like pardon my appearance I
just took a shower and he didn't have a shirt on. and then proceeded
to sit down and talk to us for an hour. So awkward. And then today sis
McMullin and I were taking the cat through the car wash and the guy
starts to rinse the car down. He lapauses and I roll my window down to
pay at the exact time that he starts to spray my window....which was
actually my face. We are still laughing about that one.

I love the work and how amazing it is. Have a wonderful week. I love you all!!

Sister Stephens

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